Sunday, November 27, 2016


UPDATED 12/12/2016

My GCS was 3.

This is very close to death. I should have died right then and there. I was already on artificial respiration. My heart did stop later, as records reflect I was resuscitated in surgery. Amazing as it is, I am able to go through these now. I can also recount my lengthy hospital stay.

I'll put dates here to give people some idea.

I lost consciousness earlier in the day this started at a clinic. I was taken to a hospital by ambulance, and that place put me on a helicopter to a trauma center. (12/16/2002)

12/16/2002 - Jan or Feb 2003 Roseville Trauma Center I was in a deep coma, my eyes were closed, after that initial brain surgery.

Beginning 2003 - Sept (maybe) 2003 Santa Clara Valley Medical center (SCVMC) in San Jose

Fall 2003 - Easter week 2004 Two (2) nursing homes in South California

I got sick and went back to SCVMC in San Jose.

A few weeks later they sent me to St Luke's Sub-Acute in San Leandro, CA (Oakland)

July-Aug 2004 Surgery(s) at Stanford University Hospital. I stayed there a few days, but this is omitted from records because it's not government. They removed the AVM in my head that was to kill me. With this gone, of course I'm alive. The government omits it, so now it's a miracle that I'm still alive.

Aug 2004-March 2006 El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.
The pictures from the music therapist are in this hospital. The newspaper article is in my current residence.

From March 2006 to the present I have been in private residence.

My children moved to where I am, in 2010. Prior to that I was alone.

I was in supervised care 2002 - 2006. I think I was sent home to die. They said I wouldn't make it to age 40. I will be 47 in Jan 2017.

In hospital care 3 years 4 months actually happened.

The editor of Neuroscience News tried to help me get medical care beyond the bare minimum I'm given. For instance I do not have a neurologist. He met snafu and I realized government records still have me in coma. No wonder I don't get anything! (I was to die. People dying don't get much.)

*Note:  These songs just come to me.
I don't know these people and I may not 
have been born if this footage is before 1970.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Different Disorder Same Strangeness

I was asked if my ordeal was like that. Yes, it has been very much like that.  I am so intrigued that I am writing about it. 

I didn't see anything. There were no lights or tunnels. I didn't have friends or family "on the other side."

I do remember seeing my pastor. He was praying for me.

There is absolutely no way I could have seen him visually! I was completely out. I just had the first brain surgery and by accounts, I was not stable.

Recovery for me has been odd. In the video, recovery for the woman was odd. Hers wasn't instant, but it was much faster than mine
. This all started with the NDE. That's the big common factor. Hers also started with an NDE.

I'd have yet a different explanation for the biology. It's the same as what is going on here...and we have totally different disorders (or had. Mine is becoming less and less also.) "WHY" I can not say. 

The reason for getting better would be a release of the body's own natural adult stem cells. That would be the reason for most all miracle healings where there is a Near Death Experience (NDE). Release of adult stem cells may be tied to the NDE. This concept has yet to be explored.

 How many of the amazing healings
are due to the NDE releasing innate
adult stem cells?

Friday, November 18, 2016

I Am A Winner!

What has been the highlight of your health activist journey? We want to hear all about it, perhaps a conference, a podcast or meeting a fellow HA. What made this experience so special?


A while back I won a contest. I was given a choice of two software programs I chose InSight, or the one focusing on vision.

The company is known for brain training software. I knew of some things, like the following:

They no longer offer this individual package. Instead they have these games integrated into their on-line program.

 There's nothing like winning a contest!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

On The Next Day...

Case of the Mondays. Write about something that gets you down, burns you out, or makes you sad. Purge it in a blog post. Turn it around at the end and tell Tuesday why you’re ready for it.

It gets me down that I am unconscious on paper. That burns me. Anyone can see that I am aware.

The question posed says turn it around. I will. Time will eventually do it, but I will paint out for you what will happen....

I have been too disabled to get my story out. It took me seven years, yes seven (7), just to get something in Stroke Connection, the American Stroke Association's magazine.

Stroke Connection p. 9
The link only goes to the magazine.
The article is on page 9 (8 if you have the actual magazine).
I'm still very disabled, but I am able to get a written word to the public. I continue this with a blog. I have two main ones now, but the one getting attention has all my ideas.

I keep getting better. It is very slow, but I do. People keep thinking I have stopped, but I haven't. Now I'm making videos.

Now let's take history and make a prediction. These stories get picked up, or maybe my life story in general. I am not conserved nor do I have a legal power of attorney. I make all decisions. I will generate income from this. 

Here's the turn around that will get big attention. I am legally unconscious. I am not supposed to garner income. I don't have a legal caretaker. I will file taxes like any other person who has an income.The government will be stuck. Will my filing with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) be denied because I am not conscious? That will capture the country.

Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm Not a Dinosaur: Cell Damage Repaired

Most of this is theory based on fact. The body is made up of cells. As we age the cells accumulate damage. Damage can be seen in something as minor as wrinkles to as serious as paralysis from a stroke. If the damage is cleaned from the cells, those damaging effects disappear.

How do you clean the damage? So far, I can only think of DNA replication. The instructions, the DNA of an old cell is copied to a new cell. The new cell is blank. We know this process as cloning.

A lot of people saw Jurassic Park. It was about bringing dinosaurs back. They used dead dinosaur blood from a fossilized mosquito. This is what makes it fiction. Try to find a fossilized mosquito. You are looking for a needle in a haystack in time, or 65 million haystacks. The DNA information is true.

The original dinosaur's cell damage was erased with the whole dinosaur. The whole species has been erased in time. Dinosaurs are now extinct.

Now, what if the species isn't dead?

This bit of science was given to the food industry. Now you hear about GMOs. That picture is Dolly the Sheep. It was created by cloning.

What I am saying is let's go back to this, the cloning, but apply it in one single organism. Clone the old, healthy organ (for example, my old brain, without it being present alive but present as dead).

Do the cloning, with people who are still alive, but already had their cells killed. How is that? Serious brain injury will do it. Something like a stroke or anoxia can kill a brain cell but leave the brain. There are plenty of types of brain injury that damages or kills the cell and leaves the brain. I only give two here.

Now, I wrote all this. I came up with this. I have a terrible brain injury. Not only were my cells damaged, but also killed. I've heard it told that 75-80% of my brain was killed. I presume that my brain has gone through a process of DNA replication and cloning. It all happened as natural as a natural twin birth.
I am most likely still going through this process in motor areas. My right arm is no longer paralyzed. I recently made a video of doing sign language to spell out the alphabet. (I wouldn't learn a new skill, but "remembered" what my kids had studied in grade school. I was an involved parent.)

The idea was to show off movement, not that I know another language. This is the hand that was never to move. That's amazing by today's standards.

You don't have to be as old as a dinosaur, but damaged and dead tissue can be restored. I don't have a new brain
I have a refurbished brain. Like I have said, this is a copy of my old brain.

This will be of use in longevity study. Old age is an accumulation of damage. This would be cleaning it out.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's A Start

Was starting your advocacy journey a hard decision? Were you anxious and hesitant or were you excited and ready to share your story? Tell us how you chose to start advocating for your condition.

This question is about my start. I started with an article in the American Stroke Association's magazine, Stroke Connection. They are hosted by the American Heart Association.
Stroke Connection p. 9
The link only goes to the magazine.
The article in on page 9 (8 if you have the actual magazine).

The American Stroke Association was already showing interest. This is where "stroke" and "brain injury" get mixed up in me. I had been driving close to my time of unconsciousness. People assumed the car accident was at fault. Really, I already had a blood clot (tangle of blood vessels called an AVM) in my head that was slowly bleeding. I had an AVM Stroke.

The way I saw it, a stroke is a brain injury. A stroke is no better of a brain injury than hitting your head in an accident.

For this essay, use ABI vs TBI.

I had an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury), from the stroke, and a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), from the car accident. Was I supposed to split my head? They are both a brain injury. That first letter was only needed for medical purposes. Now it's used for funding. Let's tear society up with letters.

Where was the association for all the brain injuries that are NOT stroke? Half of my injury is not stroke. Would half not be followed? Of course not, all of me would be studied. I think back to the last hospital I was in. My roommate was the sole survivor of a car accident. It was graduation night for her. Her mother told me how she was going to the dental college and had a friend graduating from high school. If that girl was having the remarkable improvement I was, she wouldn't be picked up by a stroke association.

 A friend from Facebook,  Shea Shaw
She reminds me of that roommate.
Her brain injury comes from hit and run. Again, no
stroke association would be involved.

So, I decided to do this on my own. I fell off the radar of The American Stroke Association. I pushed that I had BOTH types of injury. My remarkable recovery would cover ALL of brain injury, not just some letters.

UPDATED 12/3/2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

What Kind of Vegetable Should I Be?


Do you remember the day you were diagnosed? Perhaps you were scared, felt alone and surely you had tons of questions. Write a letter to yourself for the day you were diagnosed, knowing all you do now.

 I kind of remember that day. I shouldn't, but I do. It's one of those paranormal things. I remember the doctor saying there were two kinds of vegetative. (PVS and MCS for those of you who know what those are.) PVS was the more severe one. She felt I would get better care if I was labeled this.

You see I was already borderline. The doctor had trouble deciding what kind of vegetable I should be. All I could do was sit and stare at her. In my mind I was saying, "No, you got it wrong." I still had the AVM in my head at that time. It was due to explode in the future and I would die. That doctor wouldn't know I would have an experimental surgery to remove the AVM.

I shouldn't remember any of that, but I do. I won't write a letter to myself. What has happened has already passed. That can't be changed.

 This movie is based on a true story. 
The movie is "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."
There are subtitles as it is in French.
Like this clip, I could only sit and stare when told.

There is very much similarity in my case to this other case above. That person was the editor of Elle magazine. He had a stroke. He went on to write a book by blinking one eye to a person who took dictation. He had to blink yes or no to every letter in the alphabet said for each word in the book.

The most I ever blinked out at once was a few sentences for my mother to write in a note. Writing like I do now came later after I could move an arm. I use my left pointer finger to hit keys. I haven't done a book, yet. Just these snippets. A book is in future plans, but not for right now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Remove My Butt!!

"...We LOVE your enthusiasm and excitement for the community, but we hope you can understand this is a company policy. Using your page for personal advocacy efforts is very much encouraged and we’d love to see you do that. But, if you could remove [name removed] from the title of your page and the images that you use...."

My Facebook uses a tomato butt as it's avatar.

There is reason for this. First, my diagnosis is "semi-vegetative." No one knows what that is, so I tell them "brain injury." (If you look up "semi-vegetative" you may get PVS or something I wrote.) Second, this may come as a surprise, the tomato is not a vegetable. It is a fruit. Wisdom keeps it from being put in a fruit salad.

Likewise, I am not a vegetable. So I am going to use a tomato mooning everyone until my diagnosis is changed. I will not remove my tomato butt for you, but I will kindly unlike your page...thereby removing any symbol of you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On My Creative Process

"Anyone can do it if they are willing to sit there for hours, hours, and hours." (2:56) Jon Sarkin

I am forced to sit by disability.

It's not just sitting, though. If so, all disabled would be keen on some given skill. No, it also takes a bit of gumption (grit) and some knowledge of the craft, but I'll go on. This is a topic on it's own. (Grit, drive, is covered in

On to my writing.... My first, and maybe my second draft, is in my head. I write my final draft down. Usually it is in an e-mail to myself.

I copy the e-mail into Blogger. I'll add appropriate media, if necessary. I'll edit, then publish. After I publish, I will check the links to see if they work. I will play the videos.

Once that is all done I can use it. I will make posts on different sites in different topics and refer back to my original essay.