Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Remove My Butt!!

"...We LOVE your enthusiasm and excitement for the community, but we hope you can understand this is a company policy. Using your page for personal advocacy efforts is very much encouraged and we’d love to see you do that. But, if you could remove [name removed] from the title of your page and the images that you use...."

My Facebook uses a tomato butt as it's avatar.

There is reason for this. First, my diagnosis is "semi-vegetative." No one knows what that is, so I tell them "brain injury." (If you look up "semi-vegetative" you may get PVS or something I wrote.) Second, this may come as a surprise, the tomato is not a vegetable. It is a fruit. Wisdom keeps it from being put in a fruit salad.

Likewise, I am not a vegetable. So I am going to use a tomato mooning everyone until my diagnosis is changed. I will not remove my tomato butt for you, but I will kindly unlike your page...thereby removing any symbol of you.

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