Sunday, August 17, 2014

Amazing Order of Events

Deductive thinking in neuroscience, applied to me.... I am still unconscious, so this is all hypothetical.

The AVM bleed originally occurred in the cerebellum. This could have triggered savant syndrome. So this is first in this strange order of events, but it's not over. The bleed continued. The bleed wasn't stopped until I got to a third place. I first went to a clinic. I lost consciousness at the clinic and was put on an ambulance. There was a very long drive to a hospital. The hospital put me on a helicopter to a trauma center. The trauma center stopped the bleed.

Now I've been stuck on my blood. I thought there must be something about it. No. It's the blood flow. The bleed started in my cerebellum, or at the top of my spine. I was told "blood ran down your neck." The blood didn't pool. It ran down my spine. This would be second in this incredible order. The first is savant syndrome, and the second is the blood flow.

Third, the combination of savant syndrome and running blood triggers the adult stem cells in the spine. It's the order of events that makes the odds so incredible. (I have read that the spinal cord is thought not to have stem cells. I have also read bone marrow does have stem cells. Isn't there bone marrow in the spine? Mystery there is solved.)

Now the stem cells are responsible for my recovery. Intelligence and intense memory are due to savant syndrome. Neurogenesis happened. There have been people who have thought neurogenesis happened. Well, that's what stem cells do. NDE (Near Death Experience) happened? Yes, it did happen. Prior to my recovery I was VERY close to death. If it wasn't for the savant syndrome/stem cell combo I already would have been dead. Stem cells are known for their growth. They started the growing and healing process before I even had surgery. I should have already died, but these had kicked in and already started working.

The stem cells have further implications. I will continue to have neurogenesis until I die? They would have been triggered in the beginning, and I haven't stopped yet. Is there some sort of cycle created? I wonder now if the same stem cells activated in the beginning are now doing this, or does my body now produce stem cells? I'm not equipped to answer that one. Outward behavior suggests stem cells or a miracle.

6/1/2015     RE-CAP

What seems as amazing, was caused by one thing-blood running down my neck and not pooling and suffocating my brain. The neck is the spinal cord. I contend that this running of blood released adult spinal stem cells. That would account for the slow steady healing seen in me. It also accounts for initial and latter surgery successes. It explains why I am not in a coma. It explains why I can talk.

The knowledge to explain this all has always existed. I started college when 16 and had a bachelor's degree by 19. The knowledge is nothing new to me. Pull-out in grade school started in the 4th grade and my first piano concert was when I was 5 years old. The word was "prodigy" back then. I'm sure it's something different now.

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