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UPDATED 12/12/2016

My GCS was 3.

This is very close to death. I should have died right then and there. I was already on artificial respiration. My heart did stop later, as records reflect I was resuscitated in surgery. Amazing as it is, I am able to go through these now. I can also recount my lengthy hospital stay.

I'll put dates here to give people some idea.

I lost consciousness earlier in the day this started at a clinic. I was taken to a hospital by ambulance, and that place put me on a helicopter to a trauma center. (12/16/2002)

12/16/2002 - Jan or Feb 2003 Roseville Trauma Center I was in a deep coma, my eyes were closed, after that initial brain surgery.

Beginning 2003 - Sept (maybe) 2003 Santa Clara Valley Medical center (SCVMC) in San Jose

Fall 2003 - Easter week 2004 Two (2) nursing homes in South California

I got sick and went back to SCVMC in San Jose.

A few weeks later they sent me to St Luke's Sub-Acute in San Leandro, CA (Oakland)

July-Aug 2004 Surgery(s) at Stanford University Hospital. I stayed there a few days, but this is omitted from records because it's not government. They removed the AVM in my head that was to kill me. With this gone, of course I'm alive. The government omits it, so now it's a miracle that I'm still alive.

Aug 2004-March 2006 El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.
The pictures from the music therapist are in this hospital. The newspaper article is in my current residence.

From March 2006 to the present I have been in private residence.

My children moved to where I am, in 2010. Prior to that I was alone.

I was in supervised care 2002 - 2006. I think I was sent home to die. They said I wouldn't make it to age 40. I will be 47 in Jan 2017.

In hospital care 3 years 4 months actually happened.

The editor of Neuroscience News tried to help me get medical care beyond the bare minimum I'm given. For instance I do not have a neurologist. He met snafu and I realized government records still have me in coma. No wonder I don't get anything! (I was to die. People dying don't get much.)

*Note:  These songs just come to me.
I don't know these people and I may not 
have been born if this footage is before 1970.

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