Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Need A Cape

When I was little, I remember playing superheroes with my cousins. A cape would be made for me from a small blanket and a large safety pin used for cloth diapers.
I've grown up and got my super powers.


I'm not conscious because somebody says so...but I am. Think about it, though....Is there a very rare disorder caused by a brain injury that causes a person to do amazing things?

"There are hundreds of thousands of head injuries every year, but only a small handful of acquired savants." So this is rare. A person with savant syndrome would be conscious. All the other extraordinary things in my recovery would also be here. 

Nobody thought I'd come out of a coma. I opened my eyes. How about being able to move? That's been slow but I'm doing it. I don't fly, yet.

I talk. I started making sounds...eventually words. Those words would become sentences. It has been slow. Hey, though, you don't get super powers over night.

I write. It seems understandable. It's so understandable I can take most complex ideas and break them down. I write everyday, so this keeps increasing in showing my potential.

My knowledge is there...and some.  I don't hide it. I give it away. Those who need it take it. My super powers are coming. Like most super heroes, I choose to use my powers for good, not evil.



  1. Thank you Angela! I Love your postings...I always find them so inspiring! You Go! Prove those Doctors wrong! Me Too! I am determined to get back to even better than before my brain tumor/brain surgeries. I'm feeling like I Can and I Will!!

  2. Supergirl (aka Krypton's Kara) was the first cousin to Superman (aka Krypton's Kal-El / Clark Kent).... sooooo does that make me Superman? (LOL)... Yes, cousin I do remember when we were kids dressing like superheroes and running up and down the hallway at our grandparent's house. I'm glad that you have kept those good memories. Ironically, I now write and draw about superheroes as a "grown-up" and you have actually become a true superhero. Lots of love to you my super-cousin. May God bless you and heal you. - Michael