Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Different Disorder Same Strangeness

I was asked if my ordeal was like that. Yes, it has been very much like that.  I am so intrigued that I am writing about it. 

I didn't see anything. There were no lights or tunnels. I didn't have friends or family "on the other side."

I do remember seeing my pastor. He was praying for me.

There is absolutely no way I could have seen him visually! I was completely out. I just had the first brain surgery and by accounts, I was not stable.

Recovery for me has been odd. In the video, recovery for the woman was odd. Hers wasn't instant, but it was much faster than mine
. This all started with the NDE. That's the big common factor. Hers also started with an NDE.

I'd have yet a different explanation for the biology. It's the same as what is going on here...and we have totally different disorders (or had. Mine is becoming less and less also.) "WHY" I can not say. 

The reason for getting better would be a release of the body's own natural adult stem cells. That would be the reason for most all miracle healings where there is a Near Death Experience (NDE). Release of adult stem cells may be tied to the NDE. This concept has yet to be explored.

 How many of the amazing healings
are due to the NDE releasing innate
adult stem cells?

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