Sunday, November 13, 2016

On The Next Day...

Case of the Mondays. Write about something that gets you down, burns you out, or makes you sad. Purge it in a blog post. Turn it around at the end and tell Tuesday why you’re ready for it.

It gets me down that I am unconscious on paper. That burns me. Anyone can see that I am aware.

The question posed says turn it around. I will. Time will eventually do it, but I will paint out for you what will happen....

I have been too disabled to get my story out. It took me seven years, yes seven (7), just to get something in Stroke Connection, the American Stroke Association's magazine.

Stroke Connection p. 9
The link only goes to the magazine.
The article is on page 9 (8 if you have the actual magazine).
I'm still very disabled, but I am able to get a written word to the public. I continue this with a blog. I have two main ones now, but the one getting attention has all my ideas.

I keep getting better. It is very slow, but I do. People keep thinking I have stopped, but I haven't. Now I'm making videos.

Now let's take history and make a prediction. These stories get picked up, or maybe my life story in general. I am not conserved nor do I have a legal power of attorney. I make all decisions. I will generate income from this. 

Here's the turn around that will get big attention. I am legally unconscious. I am not supposed to garner income. I don't have a legal caretaker. I will file taxes like any other person who has an income.The government will be stuck. Will my filing with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) be denied because I am not conscious? That will capture the country.

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