Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm Not a Dinosaur: Cell Damage Repaired

Most of this is theory based on fact. The body is made up of cells. As we age the cells accumulate damage. Damage can be seen in something as minor as wrinkles to as serious as paralysis from a stroke. If the damage is cleaned from the cells, those damaging effects disappear.

How do you clean the damage? So far, I can only think of DNA replication. The instructions, the DNA of an old cell is copied to a new cell. The new cell is blank. We know this process as cloning.

A lot of people saw Jurassic Park. It was about bringing dinosaurs back. They used dead dinosaur blood from a fossilized mosquito. This is what makes it fiction. Try to find a fossilized mosquito. You are looking for a needle in a haystack in time, or 65 million haystacks. The DNA information is true.

The original dinosaur's cell damage was erased with the whole dinosaur. The whole species has been erased in time. Dinosaurs are now extinct.

Now, what if the species isn't dead?

This bit of science was given to the food industry. Now you hear about GMOs. That picture is Dolly the Sheep. It was created by cloning.

What I am saying is let's go back to this, the cloning, but apply it in one single organism. Clone the old, healthy organ (for example, my old brain, without it being present alive but present as dead).

Do the cloning, with people who are still alive, but already had their cells killed. How is that? Serious brain injury will do it. Something like a stroke or anoxia can kill a brain cell but leave the brain. There are plenty of types of brain injury that damages or kills the cell and leaves the brain. I only give two here.

Now, I wrote all this. I came up with this. I have a terrible brain injury. Not only were my cells damaged, but also killed. I've heard it told that 75-80% of my brain was killed. I presume that my brain has gone through a process of DNA replication and cloning. It all happened as natural as a natural twin birth.
I am most likely still going through this process in motor areas. My right arm is no longer paralyzed. I recently made a video of doing sign language to spell out the alphabet. (I wouldn't learn a new skill, but "remembered" what my kids had studied in grade school. I was an involved parent.)

The idea was to show off movement, not that I know another language. This is the hand that was never to move. That's amazing by today's standards.

You don't have to be as old as a dinosaur, but damaged and dead tissue can be restored. I don't have a new brain
I have a refurbished brain. Like I have said, this is a copy of my old brain.

This will be of use in longevity study. Old age is an accumulation of damage. This would be cleaning it out.

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