Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free-Wheelin' Vegetable

I'm sicker than I let on.

How am I supposed to get proper care when it's not even acknowledged what's happened? Wake up medical people. There's this person who was almost completely dead, brain dead at one point, who has successfully healed from every issue. We're talking brain death. Recovered. PVS. Recovered. I'm not on a ventilator anymore. Breathing - recovered. A few years ago I looked at a PT referral. The doctor put as a diagnosis, RECOVERED QUADRIPLEGIA. I've never seen that as a diagnosis. (Technically, I would say that's the outcome. It is a result of previous interventions.) So medical people, what you did was right.

I'm PVS, though. It sticks. No one is supposed to get better. The government decided that a few years ago.  It said "Science, you can't progress. Once PVS is always PVS. There is no getting better." That's what removing Terri Schiavo's feeding tube meant. So in that aspect, I'm medically recovered, but not legally. (That opens legal loopholes for persons like me and that will have to be fixed.)
I guess I slipped through that crack too. The one that oppresses. The one that says you can't improve. Oh well I did and instead of fretting about that, let's fix the issues I now deal with.Let's start with "Won't get any better." I'm on the severe end, and it is VERY hard to get services. Those who are mildly affected get some, but have to fight for it. A while ago I talked about this"Won't get any better" will have to change. Obviously it does.

So I got better. It would seem so. Is that a fluke? Not really. I just was able to access some things that should be accessible services to all. Yes, then, I'm sicker than I let on. I must be if I recently ended up in the hospital. I think I'm not done yet. When I first moved out of the hospital, being PVS was great. A creditor would call (triggered  by the ss# I think), and I could say, "She is dead."

What next? I'm not sure. We'll see, but obviously I have "Free-Will". I'm able to express thoughts- "free wheelin' thoughts".

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