Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Attitude Adjustment

1.) Kaiser sux

2.) no case management offered for TBI (traumatic brain injury) unless in-patient, intubated, etc.

3.) OT and ST is part of the cadillac of treatment for TBI

4.) PT exercises will not work when not based on documented nerve abnormality

5.) what's happening to me (medical neglect and exploitation, not being treated for TBI appropriately despite making monthly medicare and insurance payments) is the NORM FOR HOW TBI'ers ARE TREATED -Joy Taylor

This is a common feeling with HMOs. The feeling, though, goes beyond the HMO, it's a reflection of society. That person has had to deal with other issues, and now the HMO issue is personal. Brain injury is an invisible disease and is treated as such by society, by this HMO. Just because you can't see it, it's not there? Or worse, it's a brain injury, so one is now mentally incompetent.

I'll use myself as an example since I am the worse case scenario I know of. Could a person having such a terrible brain injury be so mentally incompetent they write and put together Look at the title. I, myself, have dealt with this stigma society has. It went all the way to the family.

I still had my mind though. Just because my body reflected this injury doesn't mean the social attitude is right. For now I will smile and nod. Then I will write about it. Those who read it will think, if someone who had it so bad can write about it, then maybe someone with a lesser brain injury has feelings? Maybe they deserve better treatment?

Disability is discrimination. Disability is impairment, it's less. Even in oppressed groups of people, the disabled are seen as less, not only oppressed, but oppressed AND disabled.

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