Friday, March 14, 2014

My Death Bed

I have a semi-automatic hospital bed. It's much like the one pictured above. I have the short rails on mine. It came from a medical supply. The  hospital I was at before I came home ordered it for me. Beds are usually ordered for patients through a hospital or hospice. I guess a doctor's office can do it. The patient goes home and dies, usually. The bed goes back to the company. It then goes to the next patient going home.

These are death beds!

Once in a while a patient doesn't die. I was one of these. Long ago I got a notice from Medicare. They had been paying monthly rental on my bed. I hadn't died so they purchased it. I outright owned a hospital bed!

A year ago, the rail on the bed came off. I had someone call the medical supply company to get it fixed. The medical supply didn't know what to do. A person usually dies and doesn't need the bed repaired. The company couldn't fix they sent me a new bed. It was a brand new bed, still in plastic.

No one died in my new bed.


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  2. I love it!! I just got a hospital bed today and yes it will be my death bed. Your story cracked me up and also brightened my day. Bless you...