Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Meant To Do That

Isn't that the way it always happens? Or maybe the series of events were orchestrated to happen this way in the greater meaning of life. Either way, I had a catastrophic brain trauma. It decimated my brain. I shouldn't be here writing this, but I'm able to now.
I had a brain bleed that left me in a coma for over a month. When I came out, I could barely move, but what movement I did do was life-threatening. I was given a medication for that. The medication was Celexa. It's also called citalopram.
This medication belongs to a group known as SSRIs, or  Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors. I took it for an odd behavior. It's been shown to do something else. "Studies have suggested that SSRIs may promote the growth of new neural pathways or neurogenesis in rats."  (For specifics see

So here is an odd situation. I had a severe brain bleed. I'm almost dead. I'm given a medicine for suicidal behavior by doctors not knowing the same medication had been studied in rats causing brain growth. Now that's an experiment!
Now I've been doing all these wonderful things. It's being called a miracle. Is it really though? I have brain growth. I took a drug that causes brain growth. I don't see a miracle here, just a drug that needs to be hurried up and studied in people. C'mon, I meant to do that.

(This just happened, and is a fluke. Don't intentionally take this medication for brain growth. That's not the current purpose. Also, I believe something else should occur with it.)

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