Monday, January 23, 2017

New Estimated Lifespan

*Note- This won't happen with all strokes. Only strokes where brain cells are killed and then there is rejuvenation (neurogenesis). It is this rejuvenation that is controversial in me. They say it's not possible and I am still in a coma. Well, you be the judge. Am I in a coma?

Some of you may buy refurbished goods. I say it's the way to go with some electronics. Refurbished is the same old outside, but new inside. Some electronics are sold at a used price, but with a warranty. 

So here's how the math goes regarding my cells and life expectancy. I was 32 years old at the time of my stroke. It was a severe enough stroke to kill the brain cells affected. All lobes were affected but brainstem and spinal cord. While the unaffected area keeps me alive, Adult Stem cells I say my body released, go to work on repairing/replacing the damaged part. 

These new cells have an expected life span of 78.8 years. I use the CDC rate. Other sites have it higher. Now if you take 78.8 years and add the 32 I already lived, you get a lifespan of 110.8 years.

That might be why I don't have gray hair or wrinkles yet. I will get them. They were just delayed.

I just turned 47. I do not have gray hair or wrinkles. I had a severe stroke at age 32. My family was told I wouldn't live. That is not true. 

All stray gray hairs have fallen out. As a matter of fact, most my hair was falling out and growing at the same time. I remember handfuls of hair in my hair brush, but not appearing to show signs of baldness. (This started a year after coming home from the hospital.) Dark, curly hair has replaced my straight, medium brown tresses.

This changing from straight to curly hair sounds like it could be a DNA change. This hair change has happened in chemotherapy and is commonly called Chemo Curl. I am not on chemotherapy. My medications are not associated with any hair changes.

I have gotten comments that the stroke made me younger. It is possible according to some theory that I may have reset my clock. The math I give above could fit.

Like refurbished goods, I may have new parts on the inside and the same outside. Or, I may only be really young looking. Time will tell.


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