Saturday, June 29, 2013

Observing Angela's Condition 2003 to 2013

by Raymond  Jackson

[My cousin wrote the following.]

I last saw my Cousin, Angela Ronson, as a totally whole and healthy person sixteen years ago at the wedding of one of our cousins. I did not see her again until April 25, 2003 when she was at a San Jose Hospital. She was certainly handicapped but not a human vegetable. She readily recognized me and attempted to communicate with me as best she could. I saw her again on April 24, 2004 still at the same hospital. Her condition had improved.
I did not see Angela again until January 16, 2007 after she moved back to Merced and was living in her own home. The improvement in her condition in almost three years was miraculous, and was a surprise. Since 2007 I have visited Angela about four to six times each year, and she has continued to improve "slowly but surely." I like to think that my prayers and those of others have helped bring this about.

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  1. Wonderful observation of a truly remarkable woman.