Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tell Me More on Stem Cells

Outward behavior suggests stem cells or a miracle.

I asked...

I will continue to have neurogenesis until I die? They [stem cells] would have been triggered in the beginning [of my bleed], and I haven't stopped [improving] yet. Is there some sort of cycle created? I wonder now if the same stem cells activated in the beginning are now doing this, or does my body now produce stem cells? I'm not equipped to answer that one. 
Then I read, "Stem cells may also replicate and remain stem cells without having a specialized function" - See more at:

I had to look more into this. I don't know a lot in this area.

Adult stem cells typically generate the cell types of the tissue in which they reside. For example, a blood-forming adult stem cell in the bone marrow normally gives rise to the many types of blood cells. It is generally accepted that a blood-forming cell in the bone marrow—which is called a hematopoietic stem cell—cannot give rise to the cells of a very different tissue, such as nerve cells in the brain. Experiments over the last several years have purported to show that stem cells from one tissue may give rise to cell types of a completely different tissue. This remains an area of great debate within the research community. This controversy demonstrates the challenges of studying adult stem cells and suggests that additional research using adult stem cells is necessary to understand their full potential as future therapies.

So I possibly threw myself into a cycle of renewing stem cells. This is in debate in research. So I'll wait on that one. Maybe when I'm 60 years old I will be able to tell. Science may want to watch, also.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Write

I am not using facilitated communication. I think all this stuff up myself. There isn't a second person here. I type all of this myself. I use one finger and I must look at the keyboard. I am including a video of facilitated communication. This uses mostly people with autism, but head injury is mentioned at the end. Interestingly, it mentions that the keyboard must be looked at if only one finger is used. I never used facilitated communication. I rehabbed my left arm enough for one finger to press a key on a keyboard. It took many months and many marbles. (OTs, I used marbles as transferring objects in containers.)

I have already written a lot. I maintain two active blogs. You are reading this in the larger blog. Writing as much as I do is considered a compulsive behavior. Compulsiveness is not illegal. The behavior can be.

This person is compulsive about his art. Watch the first 3 minutes. He had a stroke.

(There may be similarities. I'm literary art, though. It would be hard to make those comparisons. I can see similarities with the brain injury, though.)

Strangely enough, the following video brings together visual art, literary art, and brain injury. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Let Me On

  I was written out. Now I want to be written back in.


Okay, so I was in a coma at one time. I'm not anymore. Get on with it! Some people get stuck there. That letter explaining to me I am in something "referred to as coma" is just something else. You get back on the ride if you fall off. Can I get back on? Stop making it hard for me.

Obviously I am not in a coma. I'm not 100%, either. I don't walk. I have an electric wheel chair. I don't eat like I used to. I have a feeding tube, and food can't go in my mouth.

I am diagnosed with dysphagia which is the inability to swallow. Well here's the catcher, I do swallow, but my airway stays open so I swallow to my lungs. I believe this is fixable with speech therapy. Same goes for the wheel chair. I push to a stand, so walking is very likely. Physical therapy is not currently provided.

Not only do I type this out, but I do it with one finger. I had to know Occupational Therapy (OT), adapting my environment, and accessibility available to me. I could provide limited OT and speech in my condition. I couldn't do Physical Therapy, so that is way behind. Cognitive skills are amazing. It's very rare, but it can happen that they become very advanced.
Labeling me the way I have been hasn't worked. As it is now, I do not qualify for any therapy services.

How did I end up here? It can be seen as a comedy, but for myself and the people involved, it was not. What happened did happen. It's funny now to look back and still be vegetative. A vegetable did so much!

Now a vegetable has to live. I brush myself off after falling off the ride. I'm all better now (for the most part). Let me back on.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Roads of Life

Time is relative to all that is around us. We don't pay attention to most things that are not around us. We don't pay attention to what was once there.

We travel down our own roads of life, not thinking much of the road of anyone else. Once in a while we encounter someone who is concerned with a piece. It is not their road. They don't do the whole journey. Some stay longer than others.

Sometimes we stop and look back. You think, "I've come that far?" We are in awe. Parents of special needs children, grab the photo album. Look at last year and the year before. You will see your child's progress...their road. A yearly picture may even show you something in failure-to-thrive (one of the toughest to see progress).

Looking at my first it appears as an average road. Look back, though, to when my brain injury started. "Oh my..." someone says. It starts with no heartbeat, not breathing, and below normal body temperature. I travel so slow that is not noticed.

Think about that for a minute. We are talking about a very serious brain injury. It shouldn't be recoverable. Yet, I am the one who wrote this. My road is a dirt path in the country. Everyone else I deal with is on the highway.