Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Write

I am not using facilitated communication. I think all this stuff up myself. There isn't a second person here. I type all of this myself. I use one finger and I must look at the keyboard. I am including a video of facilitated communication. This uses mostly people with autism, but head injury is mentioned at the end. Interestingly, it mentions that the keyboard must be looked at if only one finger is used. I never used facilitated communication. I rehabbed my left arm enough for one finger to press a key on a keyboard. It took many months and many marbles. (OTs, I used marbles as transferring objects in containers.)

I have already written a lot. I maintain two active blogs. You are reading this in the larger blog. Writing as much as I do is considered a compulsive behavior. Compulsiveness is not illegal. The behavior can be.

This person is compulsive about his art. Watch the first 3 minutes. He had a stroke.

(There may be similarities. I'm literary art, though. It would be hard to make those comparisons. I can see similarities with the brain injury, though.)

Strangely enough, the following video brings together visual art, literary art, and brain injury. 

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