Monday, October 12, 2015

Let Me On

  I was written out. Now I want to be written back in.


Okay, so I was in a coma at one time. I'm not anymore. Get on with it! Some people get stuck there. That letter explaining to me I am in something "referred to as coma" is just something else. You get back on the ride if you fall off. Can I get back on? Stop making it hard for me.

Obviously I am not in a coma. I'm not 100%, either. I don't walk. I have an electric wheel chair. I don't eat like I used to. I have a feeding tube, and food can't go in my mouth.

I am diagnosed with dysphagia which is the inability to swallow. Well here's the catcher, I do swallow, but my airway stays open so I swallow to my lungs. I believe this is fixable with speech therapy. Same goes for the wheel chair. I push to a stand, so walking is very likely. Physical therapy is not currently provided.

Not only do I type this out, but I do it with one finger. I had to know Occupational Therapy (OT), adapting my environment, and accessibility available to me. I could provide limited OT and speech in my condition. I couldn't do Physical Therapy, so that is way behind. Cognitive skills are amazing. It's very rare, but it can happen that they become very advanced.
Labeling me the way I have been hasn't worked. As it is now, I do not qualify for any therapy services.

How did I end up here? It can be seen as a comedy, but for myself and the people involved, it was not. What happened did happen. It's funny now to look back and still be vegetative. A vegetable did so much!

Now a vegetable has to live. I brush myself off after falling off the ride. I'm all better now (for the most part). Let me back on.




I don't eat. That doesn't mean I can go without nutrition. I have a feeding tube.

I once was in a coma. People in comas have to be fed. If the coma persists, a hole is cut in the abdomen for direct access to the stomach. Shorter term comas will have a tube in the nose. Mine is the hole cut in the stomach.

Nutrition is given through the g-tube. I haven't eaten a meal in years. My incident was in Dec 2002. I opened my eyes in 2003, but I was made vegetative which just changes the coma to open-eye.

I now do this, which leads one to believe that I am not vegetative anymore. Now I'm one up on science. We'll have to wait and see. Right now I talk to you from a coma.


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