Monday, September 11, 2017

Breaching Human Rights and Impeding Science

Someone had suggested that I get legal advice when he realized my implications. I had already done better. I had become a public figure. I did this so the average person wouldn't have to get a release of information for menial information.

Something I didn't count on is happening. I am given protection. All eyes are on me. If something happens, it will be seen. Everything I do is given to Neuroscience News. It's a news service on top of being scientific. Now the media is involved. Talk about everyone seeing..."everyone" will.

The following is based on a report. "All eyes" can see it.

"It would be a shame if one of those 41% got well enough to file a lawsuit that could bankrupt an already compromised system."
I still have "semi-vegetative" as my diagnosis. I'm not "vegetative" anything anymore. I keep this diagnosis because I don't swallow. I guess I am a 41%. If you have guessed it, supposedly most of my brain is dead, and I am not supposed to be able to do this.

I was tested in December 2016. I didn't swallow. I had to go through a process of getting my food turned back on. I'm on a g-tube. I am dependent on a medical service to bring me formula. Food had been turned off by the government. I got through this time with donation and a bit of saved formula. No food was sent from the government.

I knew something like this would happen years ago, but I didn't know when. Years ago, I e-mailed the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Their response was that my issue wasn't in their "jurisdiction",
(I could educate them on how Disability Rights are Civil Rights, but I saw this as a waste of time.)

Way back when I was in the hospital, I was found to be vegetative, but able to handle money, Say what? That is Locked-In Syndrome. This is AFTER I had been given a Vegetative (PVS) diagnosis. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS (a government department) removed my payee which gave me control of my financial affairs. (Original e-mails to OCR and CMS are at the ends of those two essays. This was the best place to put them for safe-keeping.)

The doctor at that time (back in 2003) had to write a letter. There is no form. I'm still stuck with that original diagnosis.

I was "fully aware and cognizant" in 2003.

If I was found to be "fully aware and cognizant" in that letter back in 2003, then why is the US government still saying that I am vegetative from an incident in 2002? There was no form.  As of December 2016 I didn't swallow. This becomes grounds for CMS not changing their position.

To say I am vegetative is to say I am not conscious. An unconscious person has no rights.

There is a breach of human rights and medical research is impeded at the same time.

I shouldn't have woken up from a coma. From going back and looking at records, I don't think I should have made it to coma. I probably should have expired when I stopped  breathing. This gives a lot of meaning to artificial respiration.

Now, my incident was in 2002. It is now 2017. It took me 15 years to write this. Isn't that a bit too long?

I'm still not all the way recovered. (This is done with one finger, but there is movement in others.) I continue to make progress. None of this is evaluated and research is prevented. As an unconscious person I cannot give consent. No one has taken me seriously in the US (those in charge, not supporters). To them, my mental capacity is also messed up (but mind you that I'm not in care).        

I have a feeding tube, and it appears that is why I am unconscious. The feeding tube was central in a famous case, Terri Schiavo. The tube itself, may be a source of discrimination. It signifies serious brain damage.

9/13/2017     Medical people please note that I was "asleep" for 5 weeks. I WAS in a coma. There's no mistake there. When I first opened my eyes, I did not blink for communication. That came later. Initially, PVS may have been right.     -Angela

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