Saturday, July 22, 2017

Start With The Semi-Vegetative

Thousands of unresponsive patients might actually be conscious

so start with the "semi-vegetative." That's what I am. I'm not sure if this classification exists outside of the United States.

What I have experienced this class to be was initially being vegetative, and later starting to talk. I believe other patients with this diagnosis also started to show emerging signs of consciousness. Some may have then stopped. Others may have expired.

"Semi-vegetative" may have started after this, the reawakening of Donald Herbert:

I did not expire like this man.


I've thought this before and now it crosses my mind again... the advances of medical science are inadvertently causing what we call 'a return to consciousness.'

There is a tree in the forest that falls. No one sees it or hears it. No one cares that it happened. Now there is one person in the forest. The tree falls and is witnessed. Still no one else sees or hears this. The person goes home to family and relates what happened in the forest. Now the tree falling becomes a fact and the story spreads. No one would have known without communication.

I'm now wondering that what we call 'a return to consciousness' is really 'a return to communication.' I was conscious years before I started writing. Medicine and therapy afford me the ability to write.

I now consistently and appropriately communicate thoughts and observations. I regained communication not consciousness.

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