Monday, December 3, 2012

I Have ASS?

Acquired Savant Syndrome abbreviated is ASS. We know what a savant is. It's a brilliantly smart person, smart in usually one area and usually disabled. Acquired savants then, get the savantism due to a head injury.

This greatly interested me. I had a head injury and seem to be getting only smarter.

Savantism is already rare. To get it from a head injury is even more rare.

I talk about mine before I heard about acquiring it,

It is possible to have a head injury and then be smart.

[If you know of something else, please leave it in the comments. I did write this, and many other things AFTER a brain injury. Also, that piece above on neuroplasticity requires quite a bit of knowledge about the  brain. I did not write before the brain injury.]


  1. I'm often called an ASS: now I'm proud of it!

    1. Anyone with a brain injury can be an ASS. I'm proud of my ASSness.

  2. Savant syndrome is most likely true. Educational records of grade school probably still exist. I started college when 17 and had a BA by 19. I can get those transcripts. I think rewiring did it. It bypassed the corpus callosum.