Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Neurological Epidemic

Medicine is now that good. So good in fact that we need to start thinking about other things. Brain injury is part of this Neurological Epidemic. Not only will people survive long enough to get Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, but people deemed "semi-vegetative" will live long enough to be able to effectively communicate. My "brain injury" was both, an AVM stroke and TBI. I was deemed "semi-vegetative" yet I now wrote this. I'd like to think medicine has progressed so far, that  a person like myself will take these steps. I would be part of this neurological epidemic. Not every coma wll wake up, just like not every senior will get Alzheimer's, but there will be some. Is that enough?

Did I communicate effectively?


  1. Angela, just that fact that YOU woke up and are continually making progress is enough to say it's worth it to do everything possible and believe in miracles.
    And yes, you did communicate effectively. :)