Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Consciousness is Complicated

Contrary to  popular belief, I have always been conscious. I was conscious when I couldn't talk or move. I could only stare at you. How could I remember where I was if I was unconscious? Recalled Itinerary 
I was sent  an article on consciousness, http://nautil.us/issue/49/the-absurd/when-neurology-becomes-theology. It was saying science doesn't even know about it. So, if science doesn't know what it is, then how can anyone take it away?

The government took something it had no business taking. How can the government give back consciousness if they don't even know what they took? I don't know how much will be affected by what they did.

What they did:  they removed my payee when I couldn't talk, but left me PVS. This meant I could pay a bill, but I was unconscious. THEY TOOK MY CONSCIOUSNESS!

It affects my Medicaid (Medi-Cal). I only get the bare minimum because my diagnosis says I'm dying... like tomorrow. (Hopefully I'm not going to die soon.) Nothing can be added now because I am unconscious and dying.

That was almost 15 years ago. If I had died, no problem.

For those of my readers who are doctors, have any of you ever had a patient who was going to die, it reached government paperwork (so days have passed), and then the patient turned around and got better?

I'm trying to figure out now what can be done. I guess I will "push" the system. As Americans have faith in the Declaration of Independence and all amendments. One thing I have found is that I don't have problems with absentee ballots. This was an amendment and voting was written very well.

Next is income. I don't fit the "Back To Work" criteria, but I write. When I generate income, the IRS can figure it out.

Medical is screwed up. That may take a lawsuit, but I prefer not to push one.

Who knows where my "consciousness" is. Actually, I know I am conscious, but this other thing sounds like a piece of paper you get from the Wizard of Oz.


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