Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Extreme Hatred of Infomercials

When I couldn't move, I hated it when the TV was left on a show and it ended and an infomercial was then on for a couple hours. I did not need an acne face wash. (An acne facewash infomercial was repeated at that time.)

I dislike infomercials. Can't say I hate them with a passion. I definitely won't watch one of my own free will.

Unlike the above, "That hatred was part of what triggered him to start regaining control of his mind and body." My dislike of infomercials did not trigger this. I think "anger" did play a part, though. It was a great motivator.

Reading the above did not hit me like watching one of the news videos on this person. 

Yes, I agree with him. I supposed if I take these essays and put them to an audio program, they will have a voice. You won't even have to read.

He doesn't appear as having an extreme hatred of Barney. Instead, he sounds intelligent and dedicated. Maybe my situation will be changed to an extreme hatred of infomercials. That's not what caused the turn around, though. That turn-around is from hard work; hard work from an intelligent, dedicated person.

I do speak, somewhat, now.

I ended up doing the above in two parts:  me speaking in a video, and a written piece of what I am saying and what I wanted to say. It was to be total video but half-way through reading, my voice got high pitched. My daughter called from the other room that it sounded like I was crying.

I ended up doing part video and part written. Speech is something I continue to work on. I do this by myself. I taught myself to speak. I don't get any therapy.

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