Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Brain Can Survive Death

This is Dr Sam Parnia. "Sam Parnia is a British Assistant professor of Medicine at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine where he also is director of research into cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and he is director of the Human Consciousness Project at the University of Southampton. Parnia is known for his work on near-death experiences and cardiopulmonary resuscitation." He is a physician mostly dealing with the NDE and heart attacks. Some have asked who he is.

Now with my injury, my brain was obviously shut down more than five minutes as stated in the video. I stopped breathing hours before any surgery. I lost consciousness then. I assume I was intubated. I don't remember a long ambulance ride and a helicopter ride. I had surgery to stop bleeding inside my head. All that was known at that time was that I earlier had a car accident. During surgery, my heart stopped. During that surgery, doctors saw the AVM (tangle of blood vessels in my head). It was the cause of bleeding.

I opened my eyes weeks later, but didn't talk. I made no reaction whatsoever. Not talking or reacting was taken to be vegetative (an open eye coma).

I was very "Near Death." It appears in records that I actually crossed that threshold. I was dead, or was I? 

I was mostly dead.

Modern medicine restarted my heart. I still couldn't breathe on my own. A tracheostomy tube was put in. I spent ten months on a ventilator and two more years with a tube in my neck. I recount the breathing process in This was all medical science.

I'm still "Semi-Vegetative." Vegetative is not conscious. My push now is, "Hey, my brain is back!" This is what others find frustrating. "Once gone, your brain is gone. Right?" (It's almost 15 years later now.)

I didn't have the Near Death Experience, probably because I had the brain injury. Later I figured a memory I had was while I was in a deep coma. Something is odd here. Everything I write right now is while I'm still unconscious? There's way too much unexplained here.

I say start with the girl in a coma who posted this. It's sounding more like a gradual return to consciousness. I bet this goes with neurogenesis. Of course though, if that doesn't exist, neither do I.

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