Friday, April 7, 2017

A Postulate

My computer doesn't think up these essays. I do. My computer is the tool used to convey my thought.

Here's another way of looking at the brain. It is just a tool conveying what the consciousness is going through. Brain cells perceive the environment and convey it in a way for conscious reaction. (I'm using the brain as a filter theory.)

There are two things going on in the NDE: 1) the brain is unavailable, and 2) the experience.

Through brain injury, I separated the two. My heart stopped. Although I was on a respirator, my body was dead. There was no heartbeat or breathing on my own. Artificial breath is provided by a machine. My brain is unavailable.

I didn't have the traditional NDE experience. I did not see any tunnel or friends on the "other side." Later, I remember seeing a friend who is on THIS side. I just had surgery and was in a full coma.

I exhibit behavior of having an NDE, It has been determined by others I had an NDE,

Now I write this.

My brain is not thinking this up. If my brain is thinking this up, then there was either an error or brain cells regenerated. I go with that last one, "brain cells regenerated." It is also called neurogenesis.

According to records, and the personnel where I was (I wasn't typing yet. I was only talking.) This is all a hallucination. I am not getting better. This is the first scenario.

I don't believe the second occurred by a physician. There was no malice or incompetence. Initially, my outward appearance matched hospital records. I do state there was an error, but it was made later. It was not made by a person. ("The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMIS) took off my payee so I could pay bills. They left me vegetative. This is a big error. I appeared vegetative, but am of sound mind. This is Locked-In Syndrome. ")

I go with the third scenario, brain cells regenerated. Neurogenesis is a bonafide process. It just hasn't occurred on a large scale in a controlled setting, yet. This has not reached government practice, yet.

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