Friday, April 14, 2017

I'll Be OK

Some people are taking my "unconsciousness" to be some big government conspiracy. That is not the case.

From a social network...
Angela Ronson- Umm...I was unfit. It didn't stick. I got better. What ur reading is typed with 1 finger. This would be from my hospital bed, but I left. (I can already do 24hr doctor care.) Ur not looking at some govt plan to disable ppl. This is more along the lines of miracle healing - like Anita Moorjani.

You will need to know more about this woman. 

I am now on the slowly getting better track. Slow is very slow.

My injury was in 2002. I didn't get something in a magazine until 2009. I couldn't even type for the first four years after my injury. I was in various hospitals. My address was the hospital mailing address. I was institutionalized alright. I was living in a medical institution, but it is never stated like that.

That may not be enough for some. I'll go with physical deformity. I had a contracture of my ankle. That is gone. My foot inverted and froze. My ankle turned in and up like a sprain. That foot isn't all the way back to pre-bleed status. It is still improving.

It's not a common problem, but it has occurred. This is most often called club foot.

The foot flexes and I now wear a brace. It had formed a bump where it turned. That bump is now gone,

If that's not enough, I used to have subluxed shoulders. I guess this can occur in an arm affected by a stroke. I had it in both arms. I couldn't use either arm. I've included a picture of a person with just one shoulder affected so you can see how dramatic this is. You can't see it if it is covered by clothing.

One shoulder has subluxation.

The arm issue is completely resolved.The feet are not. My left foot appears okay. My right foot is flat, but still drastically turns in. My body continues to make minor changes.The changes are so minor that photographs taken quite a few months apart have to be used to see the difference.

Go back to the video of Moorjani. Medicine does not prescribe to a person saying, "I'll be okay." I could say that, if it was faster. There's too much time between minor changes to make that call, but I do believe my outcome will be favorable.

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