Thursday, April 20, 2017

Now I Am Dead

I have been trying to get the Medicaid Waiver for Brain Injury in California,

I have met up with barriers and obstacles. This Medicaid Waiver is something new. I have previously used a Medicaid Waiver for developmentally disabled persons on my caseload when I did this kind of work elsewhere. This would fit other disabilities, and the person would have to be institution eligible.

From what I can tell, one form is 12 pages long. The Plan of Treatment form appears to be twelve pages long. When I click on this, it says it is on page 1 of 12. (I think this would cause the worker to die, not me.)

It has taken a few messages just to get through to these people.

I warn u if u call, u may not understand me. My speech is difficult to understand at times.
I have an unusual case. I should be in a hospital now, but have the intelligence of a doctor. I am not. I also have the intelligence of a financial officer; hence contacting u. I have a Share of Cost cuz my last employment put me in a higher tax bracket. I say just Medicaid Waiver me. I'll become a household of 1 with $0 income.

This is EXTREMELY special circumstance. My diagnosis says I am vegetative, but I now talk a little n obviously type with 1 finger. Knowledge is extreme. I will be cc-ing this e-mail.

CC-ing is just what I have done. Others can see the lunacy.

There was a Share of Cost on my Medicaid which my father cleared up, but the way in which it was done only puts a band-aid over a serious problem. They were closing the case since the immediate Share of Cost issue was cleared. I wrote to them:
Share of Cost or not, I should still be made Medicaid Waiver. Doesn't it amaze u that u are e-mailed by a brain dead patient? There was Share of Cost 2wks ago, but my father went ahead n purchased the extra policy. He dies n we have this problem again.

It sounds clear doesn't it? Well, now I am dead.

Thank you for contacting the Ombudsman Office.  The Medi-Cal is still active without a share of cost.  Since the member is deceased, please, contact your local Medi-Cal county office to inform them so they can deactivate his Medi-Cal eligibility at 209-385-3000. If you choose to do it by mail, please, visit our website and print out an MC-215 and submit it to the county office.   You can find the form at by typing in MC-215 in the search box on the upper right hand corner….
Thank you,

Medi-Cal is Medicaid in California. 

I'm laughing too much to respond. What's wrong with these people?

*This is not for everyone! Remember I said I had to be certified as hospital material? "Medicaid Waiver programs help provide services to people who would otherwise be in an institution, nursing home, or hospital to receive long-term care in the community."


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