Sunday, April 23, 2017

First Hair Wash

I was browsing through the Amazon merchandise. They are an on-line retailer, and I have been able to find a lot of unusual merchandise with them. Somehow I ended up in the personal care area.

I saw the above pictured shower cap. All of a sudden I was flooded with memories (Most memories were of a staple, as  in the kind in a staple gun. I will get to that.)

I copied the address of the page and sent it to my mother. I'd let that picture jar her memory also. 

About a week later a small box arrived. I wasn't expecting anything. My daughter opened it. Inside was the shower cap. I laughed hysterically.

My daughter didn't know the story. I filled her in.

I had brain surgery. I was in a coma (closed eyes) for five weeks.  I transferred hospitals, somewhere around the time of opening my eyes. I only recalled pieces of it. I couldn't talk. I'd communicate with my mother by blinking yes/no to letters in the alphabet to her. I communicated WASH-HAIR.

It had been two months since I washed my hair. That was the least of anyone's worries. Everyone was afraid to touch my head.

"Of course," said my daughter. "You still twitch." When she touches the back of my head, my leg moves. A few years ago it kicked when my hair was brushed. Now it twitches. It's slowly calming down.

Those shower caps are amazing. You put it on the head and make sure all hair is in it. Massage the hair through the cap. Remove the cap and towel dry. The hair is washed.

In doing this, just putting it on, my mother found a staple. It was in my head! (Here's the staple memory.) So that was something left over from the original surgery at the trauma center. It was removed, later, but imagine the initial shock. 

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