Monday, April 3, 2017

The Impending Paradigm Shift

For a "paradigm shift" in brain injury to happen, someone would have to be really bad-off. Then they would have to get really good. Both extremes have to occur.

In my case, there is the closest to death that you can get. A machine was breathing for me, and my heart stopped at one point. Talk about close to death! My body crossed that threshold, but modern medical science techniques didn't lose me.

Then there is a second extreme seen in me. There is incredible intelligence. I am the person writing this essay. So, my words, my concepts, my ideas, etc, are being put forth. None of this fits the current paradigm.

Further, I look into the concept of "paradigm shift." I find out about Thomas Kuhn. Normal and extraordinary science are occurring in me, one person. At times I will observe the extreme luck extending to others, but the majority is with me.

Macat is a critical thinking skills and higher learning program.

That above video does use the Ice Age in its explanation. Thomas Kuhn did not live during the Ice Age, and I have no connection to the current weather. My connection is to neuroscience and spirituality.

There has a been a quiet brain revolution going on in neuroscience, in the past ten years, one that will change everything we know about spirituality and the brain.  While the general public still is mired in the “skeptic vrs believer debate” most prominently promoted by Michael Shermer (, most people are completely unaware that science has already embraced spirituality.  In my opinion, spirituality can no longer be understood unless practitioners and the general public are willing to understand the new spiritual neuroscience.  As physician Robert Lanza stated  ( in American Scientist in 2007, time, space, and this material reality are simply tools of the brain to allow our conscious self to interact with this reality.  He states that the current scientific evidence states that time “reboots” after our brains die (and we then get a new brain to begin a new life).   Obviously science and spirituality has moved far beyond the tired “skeptic v believer debate” that seems to still play out in the Wall Street Journal and the major television networks.

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