Monday, March 20, 2017

Daily Programming To Rewire the Brain

I was away from the beeps and buzzers. No one could step out from behind a curtain and suddenly appear at my bedside. If you thought children could give you a heart attack by showing up by your bed in the middle of the night, then try a nurse in the hospital. They both poke you to see if you are alive. The nurse just uses a needle. I didn't have to deal with that hospital smell, either. Some people vomit just thinking about it.

Stress is a big deterrent to rewiring. Your brain actually rewires to that stress. The above was a stressful environment. I wasn't going to get the kind of rewiring I have now while I was in a medical facility. I would get it at home.

I moved out of the hospital and into a private residence. My environment was minus that stress. I do want to note, a nursing home can do this, also, but not all can do the programming I next talk about. don't think much about home. You think, "I have to go to a program." No, you don't. It can be set up in your home. I've been doing this a while for others.

This gives you an idea of what I set up for myself,


Posit Science recommends that 90 minutes a week be performed. ("Recommendation
Try to fit in at least 90 minutes of effective brain training a week. Many people tell us that 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time works best for them. I plugged it into my daily schedule. This would ensure I got at least 90 minutes a week. I was doing an hour a day, 5-6 days a week. I was getting at least four times the minimum recommendation on the weeks I did the least.

All of this extra training would have promoted rewiring... and possible neurogenesis?  I already believe nurogenesis was started years earlier with the initial injury in a procedure my mother described as the doctor "reversed blood flow." This procedure is not in medical records. Extra training could be responsible for further neurogenesis. This is a new concept that will need to be explored.

The Insight program isn't offered anymore. Alternatively, there is something easier to access. BrainHQ by Posit Science is offered on-line for a charge.  It is a fraction of the cost of that original program. The old games have been incorporated into this format.

I specifically want to address this type of training and these specific exercises. There is a good deal of research available on them. I am also awed by the amount of time I spent on this. It wasn't much daily, but a lot weekly. This is easily doable by a clinical program.

There is one other piece of programming I did that is not related to computer brain training. I did Range Of Motion (ROM) exercises. There is a great deal of research on the benefits of exercise rewiring the brain. I have also addressed ROM,

Although I hadn't put the two together before (I did them at different times of day), ROM exercises may be the compliment brain training software needs to fully rewire a brain.
After the brain program ended, I changed to Oral-Motor exercises for speech. It would account for what you see and hear.

I added the 'pucker-smile' exercise mostly.

CLICK to enlarge

and I would sing along with the radio if I knew the words.

You end up with rewiring of my face and speech.

You see it.
You can hear my voice.
(This video links to

There is still more to do. Obviously, I have yet to do gross motor. That one is difficult to do alone. I'm addressing problems one at a time and am in no hurry. I do not address fine motor as I have not formally worked on it here at home. I typed my first e-mails at El Camino Hospital to a Music Therapist.

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