Saturday, December 31, 2016

Yes, I Speak

This goes with the video. It was too much to read out loud at one time. I talk throughout the day, but it isn't more than the following 5 sentences at a time. The rest of what I wanted to say is written in the last part.


People have asked if I speak. Yes, I do.

That is an issue that was never fully investigated. Initially when I woke from the coma, I did not make any sound. There is a link in the description describing the incident. This is as much as I speak at a time.


One day I made sound. It was many months after my coma. The speech therapist was shocked! I had an upcoming appointment for an ear infection. She accompanied me to the appointment and had me scoped. She wanted to know where the sound was coming from. The doctor determined everything was normal. I remember him saying, "Why shouldn't she [make sound]?" 

My insurance terminated soon after. I became government responsibility and government never investigated.

I formerly did Early Intervention for toddlers and babies. I had some speech training, but I was not a speech therapist. I've done what I could. A therapist can probably do better.


1/4/2017  This shows the importance of continued speech therapy. It is not something to be brushed under the rug.

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