Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Bear No Burden

   A few times now, the subject of a lawyer has been brought up...

   It's not my job to find somebody, but for somebody to find me. I'm the one who got out of live captivity. That is what I call it.

   I had to listen to the girl in the bed next to me cry herself to sleep not because she couldn't talk or move, but because her mother visited (after 3 months of no visits). Hey, we were unconscious so this was common. Another time I had to sleep next to a dead patient because the family couldn't get there until the next day. I wasn't aware of my surroundings they said.
  I have done enough just to get out of that environment. I don't now need to find a lawyer. The problem needs to be fixed so it doesn't happen in the future. Consider it a test-run.
   I can medically take care of myself and I fall under 'medically fragile'. I don't need hospital care. (Red flag to some.) I say "So what?" and "I don't care" to the fact that I was once flat-out, dead-to-the-world, looked like I was asleep, eyes-closed coma. If people want to find me, then fine. It's on them, not me. I shouldn't have to bear the burden of proof. If anything, I should charge $1 at my door for people to see me.
   If somebody wants to take the initiative for a lawsuit, then fine. I ask though, where is the wrong? Who do I sue? I just want consciousness. I did a petition like a common criminal wanting a pardon. The burden falls on others. I just officially asked a question.

I'd charge a $1 entrance fee to my house...

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