Friday, September 30, 2016

Building a Mystery

I'm not bad off anymore, contrary to what some say. Yes, my voice is crappy, but I have a voice. Yes, I'm in a wheel chair, but a few years ago I stood up. I thought my aunt was going to have a heart attack right then and there. I stand up and sit back down all the time now because my butt does get uncomfortable. 

I was looking at a message. Right after it was a picture of a woman. 

I forgot Lee Woodruff messaged me. Most people would know her husband. He had a brain injury. He is not the same since. I have video of him that follows.

I checked my notices. The last two followers were the daughter of a famous doctor and a famous parapsychologist. This wouldn't be typical for most people. My situation isn't typical. I'll say to people should I call a lawyer or a priest?

Most focus on the wrongs. There have been wrongs and I am probably sitting on a good lawsuit. Look at the other side, though. Why am I here? I'm calling neither a lawyer or a priest. 

I'm calling a scientist. I want to figure out what is going on. There's nothing legal or mystical about that.


I seem to be following the pattern of having an NDE (near death experience) followed by miracle healing. I remember arguing with the researcher who told me I had an NDE. I didn't remember any.  (Click for a better view.)

Take a different point of view, though. You can't see things as me or any medical professional interacting with me. INTERACTING, that's the key word. I shouldn't be and I am. It puts me in the paranormal boat and now I have doctors, parapsychologists, and scientists looking at me.
The healing is very slow. It's slow enough to be studied. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Where in the brain is memory located?

Memory is everywhere.
Each brain cell has memory. We call this cell memory. Put enough of these cells together and you get large organism memories. It's like a jigsaw puzzle and each cell is a piece. The puzzle only makes sense once it is all put together.

Memory is our whole brain.

(This is just a theory.)

NOTE 9/28/2016

Cellular memory is controversial. I propose only brain tissue cells, unlike the following which includes other organs.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Bear No Burden

   A few times now, the subject of a lawyer has been brought up...

   It's not my job to find somebody, but for somebody to find me. I'm the one who got out of live captivity. That is what I call it.

   I had to listen to the girl in the bed next to me cry herself to sleep not because she couldn't talk or move, but because her mother visited (after 3 months of no visits). Hey, we were unconscious so this was common. Another time I had to sleep next to a dead patient because the family couldn't get there until the next day. I wasn't aware of my surroundings they said.
  I have done enough just to get out of that environment. I don't now need to find a lawyer. The problem needs to be fixed so it doesn't happen in the future. Consider it a test-run.
   I can medically take care of myself and I fall under 'medically fragile'. I don't need hospital care. (Red flag to some.) I say "So what?" and "I don't care" to the fact that I was once flat-out, dead-to-the-world, looked like I was asleep, eyes-closed coma. If people want to find me, then fine. It's on them, not me. I shouldn't have to bear the burden of proof. If anything, I should charge $1 at my door for people to see me.
   If somebody wants to take the initiative for a lawsuit, then fine. I ask though, where is the wrong? Who do I sue? I just want consciousness. I did a petition like a common criminal wanting a pardon. The burden falls on others. I just officially asked a question.

I'd charge a $1 entrance fee to my house...