Friday, September 30, 2016

Building a Mystery

I'm not bad off anymore, contrary to what some say. Yes, my voice is crappy, but I have a voice. Yes, I'm in a wheel chair, but a few years ago I stood up. I thought my aunt was going to have a heart attack right then and there. I stand up and sit back down all the time now because my butt does get uncomfortable. 

I was looking at a message. Right after it was a picture of a woman. 

I forgot Lee Woodruff messaged me. Most people would know her husband. He had a brain injury. He is not the same since. I have video of him that follows.

I checked my notices. The last two followers were the daughter of a famous doctor and a famous parapsychologist. This wouldn't be typical for most people. My situation isn't typical. I'll say to people should I call a lawyer or a priest?

Most focus on the wrongs. There have been wrongs and I am probably sitting on a good lawsuit. Look at the other side, though. Why am I here? I'm calling neither a lawyer or a priest. 

I'm calling a scientist. I want to figure out what is going on. There's nothing legal or mystical about that.


I seem to be following the pattern of having an NDE (near death experience) followed by miracle healing. I remember arguing with the researcher who told me I had an NDE. I didn't remember any.  (Click for a better view.)

Take a different point of view, though. You can't see things as me or any medical professional interacting with me. INTERACTING, that's the key word. I shouldn't be and I am. It puts me in the paranormal boat and now I have doctors, parapsychologists, and scientists looking at me.
The healing is very slow. It's slow enough to be studied. 

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