Wednesday, August 10, 2016

An Ode to my Telescope


I used to have a telescope. It went to storage with my other things. I was hospitalized for years. The storage lapsed. I wasn't expected to ever get out of the hospital alive. I did, but all those things are gone. I miss the telescope. Now I can't look at the stars.

I lost everything while there. Pictures were hard to lose. I had been saving some from childhood. They were gone. They were all gone.

I had a really good photo album. Remember when scrapbooking started? I did that. It's a very intricate way of mounting photographs. Each page of the photo album becomes a work of art. I give an example.

Scrapbook Example

Luckily, I could still get my children. A year after my hospitalization, they went to a sister. My boyfriend left the state. He had a new girlfriend. My girls were still available, though. They grew up with my sister. Years would go by.

I kept in regular contact. I followed every guideline... including I got better. The federal government said I was unconscious. Explain that to the worker. He gave me custody.

Medical science can explain why I got better. The law doesn't care how, just that I did. 

(The court cases were Superior Court of California, County of Sierra, case number 1966. They may be cited. I am disabled, total care, but living independently. The children were older and did not require personal care. Winning custody cases of a disabled parent are hard to find.)

The children have successful outcomes.

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