Saturday, July 23, 2016

just my thoughts... (oxygen)

Here's a big problem...all services cut off before a brain injury victim is done recovering.(This is my take and not anybody's quote.) "Throw 'em in a box and forget about 'em." Loved ones find out about HBOT. The brain injury survivor isn't getting anything. HBOT is something. The brain injury survivor will benefit of course. There are some other unorthodox therapies having the same effect (for example music, aqua, and equestrian [horse] therapy). There are more therapies. I only list a few. 

All of a sudden, a therapy starts. There's improvement. The therapy is credited. In reality, therapy in general should have been provided all along. HBOT has the added benefit of oxygen. You can get oxygen in other ways. I did. Here's one:

It would be so easy to give a brain injury survivor a prescription for that. Any medical supply can deliver that to your home. If you get mail, you should be able to get that.

Oxygen can then be used in the treatment of brain injury management. 

[I routinely had oxygen in breathing treatments for my tracheostomy, not for brain injury. I see a need for the oxygen part and not the hyperbaric part of HBOT.]

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