Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Need A Strong Swallow

I have a feeding tube. You have to feed people in comas some way. I give you the following video not to gross you out, but show you how it can be done. I have the permanent g-tube that goes in the belly. A hole was surgically cut in my stomach. The following video shows the nose. I have only seen the nose used in hospitals. A hole is cut in the stomach for longer use. This diet is short-term.

Yes, I am on a g-tube diet. I have acid reflux, though. I have to use a formula that tastes good. The reflux will sometimes regurgitate formula into my mouth. I use Ensure. It's the same kind you buy at the store.

What was thought to be permanent in me is turning out not to be permanent at all. I talk now.

Talking has been slow to come. That could be because I do not receive therapy. I only have general knowledge in this area.

This is where it gets sticky, the g-tube is prone to infection. There have been serious, life-threatening infections.

I do have a weak swallow now. The g-tube doctor wants me in speech in order to make my swallow stronger. Then I could regularly take Ensure by mouth. The g-tube wouldn't be needed.

Speech isn't offered to people in comas. Remember at the beginning I said it was thought I'd be permanently incapacitated? "What was thought to be permanent in me is turning out not to be permanent at all." So the coma that was put on paper doesn't really fit anymore.

People take one look at me and say there was misdiagnosis. Well that original diagnosis now impedes me. I can't get speech because I am in a coma on paper. The g-tube doctor can't coordinate with anybody on making my swallow stronger so I can take my food by mouth. In this case, speech becomes medically necessary.


There was a time when there wasn't a swallow. Now there is.

I credit this device for giving me a weak swallow. I had no swallow. (This thing isn't even patented, yet...but I got one.)

UPDATE 12/23/2016

When I say I have a weak swallow, I can sort of swallow, but the flap to my airway doesn't close. I swallow food to my lungs. This is why I still have the feeding tube. At first, I was unconscious and had to be fed. Now, there is something there, but is not right. What I have could be worked with through therapy, but Medicare denied that.

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