Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vunder Blunder

Look out!! I'm a wonderful vegetable that comes up with words like 'vunder.' So what is 'vunder'? Me, I guess. I'm a vegetable that makes you wonder.

What is a blunder? A huge mistake.

I am potentially a very big blunder. You see, on paper I am in a coma. It was made permanent when I couldn't speak and now I am never to be conscious. Now that I do communicate, I can't change it back.

My incident was 14 years ago. Yeah that's a long time, but not permanent.

I say I am a potential blunder cuz I haven't "woken up" yet. I'm still in a coma according to the government, What happened will be a big blunder, and here's why...


Here's a refresher on Terri Schiavo. For more watch videos. I don't want to get into a controversial issue, but my situation is so tied to it, that you have to know it. I've taken out most of the emotion in this case.

Terri Schiavo had a heart attack and went without oxygen. She was resuscitated, and given a PVS diagnosis. I believe the P stood for 'Persistent', but it's coming to mean 'permanent.' I've seen both words used. The Florida Supreme Court said her condition would always be that way and her feeding tube removed. You don't have to feed her. The federal government stepped in. It was on TV. It was big. The lady died. The federal government said there was no recovery possible. It went world-wide.

The word 'Persistent' is being replaced with the word 'Permanent.'

Now here I am on the West Coast. In 2002, I have a massive stroke. I'm deemed vegetative, I can't talk or move. The state disagrees with Florida and doesn't terminate me by removing my feeding tube. (My experience is that they disagree. I haven't explicitly heard that.) Later, I start making sounds. Oops, it wasn't a permanent problem. "Oh well, she'll die soon," was the thought. No one knew I was extraordinarily smart and lucky. I got the surgery I needed to stay alive. I didn't die. I've only gotten better and smarter.

Somewhere around the time of that surgery, my diagnosis was made 'semi-vegetative.' I was only half a vegetable.

It gets even better. That surgery I mentioned is not accepted by the government since they didn't pay for it. It never happened. The blood vessel deformity in my head magically disappeared.

That's probably the most vonderful of all blunders.

*I doubt this mistake has any intent. The government is just slow. This means I have time to write. The longer I have to write and make videos, the more stupid this looks.

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