Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Situation Isn't Hard To Explain

UPDATED   9/14/2016

My situation can be explained. I just don't fit in any category this country has to offer. I hate to say this, but if I went to Canada this wouldn't be happening.

Here's why I say Canada...

A Canadian man who was believed to have been in a vegetative state for more than a decade, has been able to tell scientists that he is not in any pain 

My condition would be something like that plus something that is very smart and disabled. (There is something, but it is rare.)

The AVM in my head (the blood clot that bled) did not magically disappear. It was surgically removed at Stanford in 2004. Surgery was denied by the government back then so the university covered it. Now, due to no case management, this error is carried forward and my existence is a miracle. The government denies surgery happened, so the AVM just disappeared. The AVM would have killed me. With it gone, early death would not happen. 

The rest of my recovery then goes to what I did-therapy exercises and education. That is what I used to do for babies. Medicare/Medicaid does not provide on-going therapy.

The United States is making it difficult. I remember watching on TV what happened to a PVS woman here. It's in our politics now. My problem hasn't just been science. Many scientists now want to look at my case. Politics prevents them.

This country is making some big magical deal here, when really it's the natural progression of science. There is no case management and errors are carried forward. Some science is outright denied, leaving the reason of my existence to magic or miracle.



  1. and the 2004 Stanford hospital surgical discharge papers said what?

    1. Stanford said to follow-up with my regular neurologist. There is no neurologist. This never happened. I was still at another hospital in long-term care. They removed stitches. I went back to Stanford sometime later cuz remarkable behavior. They did follow-up n discharged then. It was 2006, as I was out of the last hospital.