Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank You

This is an open letter to The Red Bulletin, the Red Bull magazine.

One of my daughters will drink Red Bull. I can't. I have a physical condition that prevents me from taking food or drink by mouth. So I have a feeding-tube.

I'm supposed to be lying in bed until I die. That was supposed to be a few years ago. Instead, I get up in a wheel chair almost daily.

Almost 2 years ago, I got a promotion for The Red Bulletin. It was a new magazine. I figured I would take a look.

Dear The Red Bulletin,

I'm legally blind now, so it is difficult for me to read. That's not this type of magazine, though. The pictures are big and brilliant! Looking at the pictures has improved my vision. My eyes use muscles I don't use much. This ad said what I have been thinking:

I've been getting The Red Bulletin magazine almost 2 years now. The first year I spent looking at the pictures. This second year I decided to work on turning pages. You see, I really only have use of this one finger I type with. It would take me hours (the whole day) to go through a magazine just turning pages. Now it's just a half an hour. My finger-use has improved considerably.

Your magazine has improved both my vision and my finger-use by providing a mode of instruction that has been entertaining and appropriate.

Thank you,

Angela Ronson


  1. Dear Angela,
    on behalf of the entire editorial office of the RED BULLETIN I want to thank you for your extremely touching feedback. It motivates us to go ahead in producing a magazine that obviously can trigger something wonderful in our readers – it gives wings... All the best, Robert Sperl, Editorial Director THE RED BULLETIN

    1. As Angela's chosen Media Rep, please allow me to thank you as well. Your publication has obviously been a huge part of her painstaking recovery.