Monday, November 16, 2015

Misdirection is the Norm

Whether economical or political, the reason prevents science from investigating.

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I also had a stroke. This video tells of a stroke being responsible for causing very strange behavior. - 
Besides economics, it may be politics-


The government has been contacted more than once. Initially, they were sent a letter by my doctor who was only concerned about non-payment of bills. I was in the hospital, unable to speak or move, diagnosed as vegetative, yet I could pay a bill on time and not the payee. (That is not vegetative. Obviously I was communicating with someone to get that task done.)

The payee was stopped so I could pay my bills. I was left vegetative.

E-mail with the Office of Civil Rights is at the end of this,

"Regrettably, the matters you raise in your email are not within our jurisdiction."

"Again, I am misdirected n it is things like this that continue to make it appear that I am the 1 who is inept. For some reason it is believed that a person in PVS is unable to recover mental function. I recovered that long ago. It has been motor function in my case. I continue though, to receive treatment as if it is my intelligence."  The bottom has all the e-mail with CMS or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

It will soon be 13 years and investigation is refused. I'm in a coma is the reason now. I laugh.



update 8/12/2016
I am told I can be vegetative on my own. The actual e-mail is included at the end. I omitted the employee's name.

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