Saturday, November 14, 2015

Idea to Open the Eyes

The patient is aware but appears unresponsive, 

(This is where my story starts to get funny. My appearance was, and sometimes still is, of an unresponsive person. Then I start talking....) I didn't initially move when I opened my eyes after a coma. I had a hemorrhagic stroke due to a ruptured AVM. I have slowly gained movement and am able to type this with one finger. The above referenced article states there is a lack of rewiring to a motor area in patients who are conscious but don't move.

First, a patient should display cortical activity in a brain scan. Determination can't be made by outward appearance. My condition was and the error began.

On the patients showing brain activity, the area between the thalamus and primary motor cortex needs to be rewired. For this, I propose massage. Massage will provide direct stimulus input to outer nerve endings. In the past, I got something to work by bombarding it with sensory stimulation. ("The reason ART works is the brain is constantly bombarded with natural information, but in a way that the brain has to deal with it. " Gravity here instead of massage.)

This bombarding of the senses is the same idea I used to get my arm moving. I give that here,

This is unorthodox, but massage provides the necessary stimulation. There should be a concentration on facial massage, especially the eye area. Opening the eyes signify a big step in over-coming coma, but these patients had probably already started the process. (In myself, I just happened to immediately go to a hospital after my bleed that did intensive range-of-motion exercises.) Range of motion exercises provide stimulation to the muscles, but I was lacking stimulation in the eye area. I may have opened my eyes sooner and may not have had problems keeping them open if facial massage had been done.

Massage should be 2-3 times a week. Days are off in order for neural wiring to grow.


The massage has me wondering.... Years ago I worked with neurologically compromised infants. Those babies that were irritable were given infant massage. They got better, but it wasn't known why. The massage must help with wiring! This can't be seen to the naked eye. No wonder those babies got better.



This is what all of this is based on; "Whatever signals you feed into the brain, it will figure out a way to decode it," David Eagleman.

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