Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hand Development

Less than a year ago I could press a button with my paralyzed hand. I documented it with a picture. Now I do more, and I document it with a video.

Certain signs are hard for me to do because some fingers are still wired together, neurons that fire together wire together, For example, my pinky is wired to my ring finger. When I make the 'W' sign (three fingers up) I have to use my other hand to hold my pinky down. Wiring together is temporary. As further wiring occurs, fingers individuate.

For the most part, my ring finger and middle finger aren't wired together anymore. Finger individuation is possible. Any difficulties I refer to an OT. The Occupational Therapist can work on next skills to be learned.
This next picture clearly shows my right hand as fisted. My fingers were wired together.

My fingers didn't stay wired together, but there is a great deal of time from the first picture to the video.

I make progression, but it is slow. I am still unconscious on paper, and this should be updated.

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