Sunday, November 30, 2014

Neurons That Fire Together, Wire Together

So neurosculpting...that's what they are calling it now. I've just called it physical and occupational therapy with neurophysiology knowledge.

In the above video, this person gives the example of her client having fisted hands. She specifically relates this to holding horse reigns prior to the accident. I guess in my case I could say holding the steering wheel of my car, but I don't. Besides, there was a time gap after driving.

Instead I have related fisted hands to decorticate/decerebrate posturing. Look at the picture and pay close attention to the hands. They are fisted. This posturing would occur in damage to certain parts of the brain. This picture shows more severe damage. Posturing will be less severe in lesser injuries.

Look at the feet. I wonder...I wouldn't be surprised if there is a connection to dropfoot.

The next part of this "sculpting" of movement by applying neurology knowledge comes from an old saying: "neurons that fire together wire together."

Digits should move together. Don't worry about finger individuation yet. First get movement established, then being able to move each finger by itself can be worked on. Raking and scooping, then an inferior pincer grasp (thumb against side of forefinger), and finally a neat pincer grasp (pinching) is the progression.

Once movement is firmly established, then exercises to develop individual fingers can be implemented. Don't worry things are moving together. Be happy they are moving. No movement would be more serious damage to a neural pathway.

That saying, "neurons that fire together, wire together," can be applied to all movement. Not just the fingers, but the arms and legs. If one does it then take the other along. (If you do leg lifts with one leg, then do that with the other. It may just be less.)


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