Friday, March 27, 2015

Healing the Brain, Naturally

More recently, evidence has been amassed by researchers showing that the human brain has "a significant, albeit limited" ability to repair itself both physically and functionally, including:
  • Angiogenesis - the creation of new blood vessels.
  • Neurogenesis - the formation of new nerve cells.
  • Oligodendrogenesis - the development of several types of cells including those that make up the myelin sheath, a protective coating on parts of nerves.
  • Axonal sprouting - the process of in which undamaged axons, threadlike parts of nerve cells that carry signals to other cells, grow new nerve endings to relink damaged neurons

All of the tagged processes have been seen in me. Savant Syndrome becomes a huge magnifying glass. Think about it... I should be dead. I got close to death, but progressed to coma. I opened my eyes and was vegetative. There was more progression that combined with the Medicaid Shuffle (the constant moving of Medicaid patients who are medically fragile). I was reclassified as "semi-vegetative" at the final hospital in my shuffle. The term isn't recommended but was used. I must have progressed more in order to not be hospitalized.


I'm not diagnosed as having savant syndrome, though. Whoever does that might have one heck of a time (semantics really). In the meantime I'm doing amazing things...and I'm unconscious.

"Oligodendrogenesis - the development of several types of cells including those that make up the myelin sheath, a protective coating on parts of nerves" is seen in the following:  "Think of all those miles and miles of myelin sheath Ms. Ronson had to laboriously re-knit to heal and reconnect her severely damaged brain." Isn't "Oligodendrogenesis" everything? Those "miles and miles" would be everything.

I'm not receiving any medication. So don't look there. I'm doing the same therapy exercises I started years ago. I've modified them with time and have made changes. Look there. Also look at the original injury and the original surgery. Later surgical procedures were life prolonging. I'd be dead by now without them. We are looking at the effect of the original surgery now. The cause happened years earlier and needed nurturing and care in order to grow. (The medication I talked about earlier only supports nerve growth. It doesn't grow the nerves.)

Nurturing and care would be on-going medical care, proper nutrition/nutrients and hydration, and exercise. I will need on-going medical care until I'm dead. Just because I'm not in the hospital doesn't mean I don't get proper care. I'm doing alright at home. I should have gotten follow-up neurological care following the brain surgery. I've had faith and gambled on that one. 

Proper nutrition isn't hard for me. I have a feeding tube and rely on commercially prepared formula. I will say, though, if the person has eyes open and a history of reflux or heavy antacid use, use a flavored formula. I have hydration in there because formula alone was only enough water to keep me alive. I always had chapped lips where extra water wasn't given. It caused other problems as well.

Finally, I talk about exercise. I set up something on it, . Your local out-patient rehab can help you put something together that is personalized for you. This helps them. They most likely cannot provide on-going therapy (if that is available to you, take it!) However, they would be able to check the exercises you do yearly.

Exercise is a key ingredient. The bleed was stopped. My body was brought to health (and maintained there). Exercise is the third piece needed. "The nerve fibers from the cells were severed, but the cells themselves remained intact." Nerve cells that have not died can form new connections." 
Exercises (therapeutic not aerobic) help form the needed connections.

A healthy body isn't enough. Sure you look fine, but how are you really? You have to be able to do it, also.

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