Monday, March 17, 2014

Tears of an Angel

I do it for the angels who cry. A tear is usually caused by something, something bad a lot of times. It usually takes knowing. A single tear is different from the eyes watering. There isn't an irritant to the eye. I used much of the following when filling out a form:

Briefly describe your issue and include specific information (dates, places, who was involved, etc.)

I had a severe brain bleed. It was a bleeding stroke, or AVM stroke. The bleeding in my head wasn't stopped for hours. By the time it was, I ended up in a coma. When I opened my eyes, I was first determined brain dead, then vegetative. This gives commentary and a newspaper article,
I'm a vegetable and not conscious.

What have you done to
address this issue? (i.e., filed formal complaint/grievance, exhausted
administrative remedies, contacted involved individuals, etc.)

The first thing that happened was in the second hospital,

I contacted OCR, the Office of Civil Rights. (E-mail with OCR is at the end.) It wasn't civil rights (they said) and they referred me to CMS,
the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The CMS e-mails are attached to CMS was awful because I had to do a letter.

Basically, it's okay to be a vegetable on your own as long as you don't get into trouble. They still reserve the right to take me from my home and put me in care.

What would you like [us] to do for you?

I would like to stay in my home. I don't want to be scared to go to the ER.

"Far too often, patients ... are given up for gone, left to
languish in nursing homes where no one bothers with physical therapy or even to check for glimmers of regained consciousness." I was one of these people. I probably have a rare disorder allowing me to communicate. I do this because I can and there are a few who can't. I've had to listen to a roommate cry when her mother left. No one can tell me that's not consciousness.

The girl pictured above is Shea Shaw.

Her website is  She can also be found on Facebook,  I initially saw pictures of her BEFORE her eyes opened. She is on a very slow track also. 

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