Sunday, July 7, 2013

Proof of Limbo

UPDATED   9/13/2016
People don't understand when I say I'm not conscious. There is conscious and unconscious. Then there is a third category- vegetative. I had a brain injury, then surgery, and then a coma. When I opened my eyes, I was classified PVS, persistent vegetative state. I did not talk and stared off into space.  At the last hospital I was in I was put with all the "semi-vegetative" patients. This mental state is eyes open but not conscious. (Sounds like a zombie.) Obviously you are reading this, and can see I have gained back mental function.

A person usually dies before they can get better in this state. This happened to me so long ago, and I eventually did get better (very slow and I did not die). Problem now is this condition was made permanent. So I am permanently not conscious.

Acquired savant syndrome is caused by a brain injury and is very rare. This can't be confirmed in me as I am not conscious. Savants are in such great need, yet politics interferes with this, too. I can't be studied until I am conscious. This "story" is #123. Yes, there is a massive amount already. I manage to type all of this with one finger. Again, this would be like a savant. Not studying sounds like "cutting off one's nose to spite the face."

Recently an experience was "debunked," To each his own and the freedom of speech. Experiences are experienced by a single person. I wouldn't want to be the one who comes along and says there is something wrong with what you experienced. You are basically saying there is something wrong with the person.  I can only attest to my own experience. I don't want to ruin a person's understanding of their self. That could be detrimental.

I would say I am conscious. I have been all along, even when I couldn't move. I would also say I am doing extraordinary things. That is not the case, though. A letter was even sent to Social Security back in 2003 by a doctor, They deemed me still to be vegetative, but I could handle my own money. I couldn't talk then. I talk now. I'm still vegetative. I live on my own. I'm still vegetative. I write these. I'm still vegetative.  I somehow managed to get custody of my children and not be conscious. It's funny a not conscious person can follow those rules. I'm still vegetative.

I invite "debunkers" to look at my case. Problems will be found with it...but not with me. Problems shouldn't be found with my experience. Oh, I may have spelling or grammar errors on stories. I may have some of the  biology/neurology or law wrong. If it's real bad I can be a weenie and say, "What do you expect from a not conscious person?" That is the problem. I am not responsible for what I do or say. I am vegetative.

"Limbo" is a place between Heaven and Hell in Catholicism. It might be a reference to the book Proof of Heaven. "Limbo" is also a game.

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