Sunday, May 19, 2013

Living In A Virtual World


"Wait a minute. He's disabled."

He is in actual life, but not in virtual life. He is also a different species. Is it easier to believe he is an alien than it is he can walk?

One doctor had his followers on a social network believing I was an actual brain in a glass jar he had brought home from the hospital. He would use this picture:

I'd like to think my existence is more than that, but it wasn't very hard for people to believe I was just a pet brain in a jar.

My physical ability is limited, but my virtual ability is not.

Everything I'm doing is virtual. Things I am doing are on the computer. My situation is less of a fantasy than the above video. 

I hit the social networks. They are based upon actual life.

An example of not being virtual would be this letter, . Getting it certified and mailed required actual life, not virtual reality.

Technology makes limited movement big. It was much harder getting that above done. Small actions couldn't be amplified. I couldn't think that done.

The following proposes much will be done with technology. I'm now doing it.

I'm relying on the kindness of strangers [computers].

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