Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Am I So Weird?

Most have heard about neuroplasticity or rewiring. It hasn't been confirmed yet and I'm already moving on to the next thing, neurogenesis.

I've said what happened with me is weird, but I haven't really explained why. So here's my attempt.

To begin is my injury. I have used the video of Mike the Headless Chicken to explain that it is possible to keep on living without a brain. (I can account to when I was awake, so it also has implications of awareness of my environment minus a brain.) My initial bleed started in my cerebellum. Hours went by before I got to a hospital. By then, my brain was totally engulfed and saturated with blood.  I was still alive and surgery was done for those doing it. It was good practice since I wasn't expected to live much longer.

I did live, and this is where Mike the Headless  Chicken comes into play.  He shows it is possible to live minus a head.

This is where it gets weird. I started getting better...slowly. Maybe this was happening, "Think of all those miles and miles of myelin sheath Ms. Ronson had to laboriously re-knit to heal and reconnect her severely damaged brain. To put it in terms of Mike the Headless Chicken, he grew a new head. This is the neurogenesis I mentioned before. I wouldn't have grown a whole new head.  I would have grown new brains to go in mine. Now that's weird! (It would  be more like getting a scab from a cut, and then growing new skin.)

This all happened, THEN neuroplasticity  happened. That came years later. (Some would have happened sooner, but no brain means there's nothing to rewire to.)

As if this all isn't weird enough, I can talk about it. This is even more weird!


  1. Nothing you do is impossible any more, Angela. You are amazing, and I love the way you are rewriting the book on brain injuries. YOU are the expert now and one day soon you will be teaching others how to treat victims of head/brain injuries. I can't wait to read your book. Don Yegge