Thursday, December 20, 2012

Amazingly Stupid

Brain damage causes mental retardation is a big misconception. It's discrimination.

"You are amazing." - Michelle Bowen

Not really. I just have ASS, acquired savant syndrome. (I don't mean to offend anyone, but this abbreviation is too funny.) Savant syndrome is already extraordinary. To then get it from injuring your head  or having a brain injury makes it even more extraordinary. So then,  anyone with a brain injury or a head injury has the potential for being an ASS.  They could be very smart.

Where did the concept of brain damage causing idiocy come from? This isn't true. Damage to the motor cortex (motor areas in the cerebral cortex) would be brain damage. This damage ONLY affects the motor areas, not thought. These people are not stupid.

What if there is a speech problem?  A person knows what they want to say, but the words aren't there or the mouth just doesn't work. That person isn't automatically an idiot just because you are not answered. Maybe you are the idiot for expecting an answer.

I couldn't talk....Stupid. I started making sounds....Amazing, but still stupid. I was talking, but you couldn't understand me....Stupid.  Now you can understand me.

So I'm an ASS who can answer you. Don't you now feel stupid?

(Mental retardation isn't a bad thing either. That's another misconception. The term is misused as well. Don't get me started.)

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